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Social Networking Sites – Promoting Your Online Business With Social Networking Sites

The internet has revolutionized a lot of aspects of our daily lives. It has automated numerous transactions ions which used to be manual. It has also made some activities multi-tasking. Aside from doing researches, the internet has become a venue for social networking. Social networking sites have opened a venue for meeting people online and making friends and communicating with them even if they are on the other side of the world.

Recently, these social networking sites have also become a venue for another revolutionary change the internet has provided us; it is the birth of doing online business using these social networking sites as a means to reach out to their target market. Some sites have user-friendly functions which makes it a good venue for doing online business transactions. These social networking sites are free and it is a good venue for internet marketing and advertising online business. Listed are some tips to get started in doing online business.

a. Create an attractive name. Make sure that the name of your site is a give-away for whatever product you will be selling.

b. Pick a design for your page that is pleasing and attractive to the eyes. Make sure that the fonts are readable. Avoid using screaming colors that will hurt the eyes of the viewer.

c. Research and choose credible and popular payment modes.

d. Write your payment instructions clearly and ensure that the client understands your instructions for
ordering and paying without a doubt. If possible put an “FAQ” portion.

e. Include ways on how the customer can contact you if you are not online.

f. Post pictures of the products and label them appropriately. Use easy-to-remember names.

g. An order form format is available at some sites for free. Take advantage of this to make placing an order easy.

h. Ensure smooth and friendly communication with the customers. Satisfied customers will translate to additional customers and not only will they keep coming back, they will bring potential customers by word of mouth.

Home Based Business – 5 Important Tasks of a Managing Proprietor

Past history for Home based business management tactics has clearly demonstrated that a prudent business owner should not be an extravagant spender, at least initially. As the sole proprietor for your business, you should make judicious use of your budgeted funds. For example, you should plan to do most of the work yourself and not hire anyone, if possible, to help you manage the various aspects of your home based business.Initially, you should be able to manage the business yourself. If necessary, you should consider getting your wife or family members involved to minimize your expenses. After you have seen some financial success in your business and have done a financial forecast of your income possibilities, then you may want to consider hiring outside help.Until then, you will have to manage the following five important business functions yourself:Business Plan:As the proprietor your business, you will be responsible for planning every aspect of your business. To start, you will need to write your business plan. Since you fill both the proprietor and the manager positions in your business, it is your sole responsibility to determine what your goals are for your business venture. You will need to identify short term goals, medium term goals and also long term goals.Here a few of the business functions that you should consider when building your business plan:o Purpose of your home based business
o What your expectations are and the means to achieve them.
o Will you sell a product or a service or maybe both?
o Define your market. Is there demand for your product/service?
o Who are your customers?
o Who are your competitors?
o What are your finance sources?Implementation:Once your business plan is in place, you will next have to decide how best to implement it. You should consider finding a mentor who has some business expertise especially in the home based business field. It is important that your mentor has a moderate degree of internet marketing experience because this type of business has distinct differences as opposed to that of regular brick and mortar type businesses. As an example, with a local brick and mortar business, advertising is normally done locally. However, with an internet business, you will be advertising more globally for your customers.Organization:You will have to develop the traits of a good organizer in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. Since yours will be a one-person enterprise in the initial stages, it may prove to be a whirlpool of ceaseless actions. As the proprietor/ manager it will be your job to develop a plan to keep your business organized for efficiency sake.Your organization skill need to include your ability to: organize office files; develop advertising campaigns; maintain supply rooms; coordinate shipping events; arrange the work schedules; balance budgets; minimize operating costs and manage customer relations and other related business functions.Failure to spend the appropriate amount of your time focused on these issues will prove to be costly to your business and extremely frustrating for you as the business administrator. If not managed properly, any one of these functions could not only cost your business dearly, but lead to your failure in business.Monitoring:As the proprietor/manager of your business you are the boss. The success or failure of your home business rests squarely on your shoulders. This requires you to be highly self-motivated to ensure that your business plan is executed and followed on a daily basis.As the Manager, you will need to ensure that your goals and objectives of your business plan are being met and/or modified as necessary to meet your business expectations. You will need to pay close attention to all aspect of your business on a daily, monthly, and annual timeline. You should focus on finding new systems, products, and/or services to improve your business. You should review daily functions such as: bookkeeping; sales; customer services; expenses and related functions to ensure that your business is on track with your business plan.Customer Care:You are not only the proprietor of your business but also the manager and as such, you need to have the skills and abilities necessary deliver according to your commitments to your clients and/or customers. You should never skimp on product or service quality without knowing that it will have a serious negative affect on your customer base. Customer care should be your primary business concern. Without customers, you do not have a business.One of your primary business goals should be to always deliver your product or service in a timely fashion. If you are unable to deliver within the promised time period, you need to simply communicate with your customers and offer them a refund or get their approval and understanding for the delay. This action alone will help build your creditability and will help to develop your reputation in your home based business.